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What People Are Saying:

  • Margret M

    Very good story, it shows fairies in their daily life instead of working as we usually see them in other stories. In this book they are the main characters, it shows the magic of the fairy world and the connection they have with nature. This book made me doubt about fairies because what if they actually exist? It can sound childish but I think we have to keep a little childish thoughts when we grow up thus we can see things from a different perspective. I recommend it.

  • Taylor K

    Fairies have always been a fantasy for me, but the description the author gives in this book makes me picture them in a very magical way. She has a very good imagination to develop all the scenes in the book. We all should have that quality to describe what’s in our minds. I enjoyed this reading, it remids to my childhood. Thank you Mrs. Turner.

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

Maybe you would like to know in which location Entrepreneurial Joy fairy lives (hint: it is a great deal of fun), or what Bristol the fairy has in her pond, or what are the duties of the fairy King of all Oceans? If that is not enough you may want to know which animal Skylar the fairy rides on, or what gifts the Rainbow fairy has, or you never know what Moonana the fairy is up to? So come on this magical journey with us and meet all our fairy friends and Grandpa Camp (the oldest of the fairies), he is a rare character even in the magical fairy world! 

About The Author

Teelie Turner is a multi-faceted Artist and Businesswoman who dwells and creates in the Pacific Northwest. Currently, she is a prolific Photographer, Author, Artist, and Designer. Additionally, Teelie is the proud Founder of the Teelie Turner brand, the Teelie Turner Shopping Network, and even the Pics and Palettes brand. It’s safe to say that she has had numerous business ventures—primarily in the realms of publishing, merchandising, electronic commerce, and the fairy garden industry.
When she’s not career-focused, Teelie absolutely loves gardening, interior decorating, playing tennis, boating, discovering new places, cooking, and even involving herself in the community via philanthropy. She’s also an animal lover with two dogs. Four months out of the year, Teelie enjoys spending time with her husband and writing in Ecuador.

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